Founded in March 2017 by Divya Ravichandran,
Skrap provides waste management solutions to offices and events.

It all started when…

A massive fire broke out in Mumbai’s Deonar dumping ground, India’s oldest and largest dumping ground. 

Divya had just quit her job at a Big 4 accounting and consulting firm when she heard the news about the Deonar fire, and was keen to get involved in the sustainability sector.

She began researching about the current garbage disposal systems, and she was dismayed with what she learnt. Mumbai generates around 10,000 tonnes of waste each day and most of this is sent to unscientifically managed dumping grounds where little or no processing of waste is undertaken. Dumping grounds are hazardous to human health and cause grave damage to the environment.

Waste management at home

The Deonar fire prompted Divya to take a closer look at the garbage she was generating. She diligently segregated her waste, composted her food scraps and recycled her waste. After a few weeks of experimenting and learning, she was able to make her home zero waste. Today, she discards less than 100 grams of waste from her home, once a year.

from friends to firms

Interested in this concept of zero waste, a few eager friends and family reached out to Divya to reduce the garbage they were discarding from their homes each day. In a few weeks, she was thrilled to see their homes go zero waste as well. Gradually, she started working with offices and events to help reduce the garbage they generate. That is how Skrap was born. 


Skrap has a strong core competencies in consulting and implementation of solid waste management for organisations. We have worked with offices and large events such as music festivals, marathons and corporate gatherings to help them go zero waste. Our clients include Mahindra & Mahindra, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, SBI Green Marathon, and Media iQ. → Learn more about our projects

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