We are looking for eco-warriors as volunteers to help us from time to time on specific projects. 


Skrap is a waste management social enterprise that helps offices and events manage their waste in a sustainable manner. We focus on reducing waste and diverting as much as possible for reusing, recycling or composting, so that a minimal amount of garbage is sent to the landfills. We are a small team that is highly driven and committed to the goal of helping organisations go zero waste.

how you can contribute

  • Join on ground implementation at events : Our goal at events is to reduce and manage the waste that is generated and we rely on a team of volunteers to help us achieve this. As a volunteer, you will raise awareness among attendees about waste segregation, help us collect surplusfood for donation and make events zero waste.

  • Design awareness campaign : A part of our work is to raise awareness on garbage crisis and plastic pollution issues. You can help design creative campaigns and spread the word through media content.

  • Help us create photo and video content : You can create photos and videos to help us communicate about the work we do.

Location : Mumbai


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"I met the Skrap team for the first time at the SBI Green Marathon event. A bright young team and an informative perspective of their work by Divya motivated me to volunteer at their future events. 

I volunteered for their next event at the Mahindra Blues festival where I got to know their working at the ground level.

What I like the most about Skrap is their contemporary approach to waste management. On one side, they have made waste segregation educative and attractive for the urban class and on the other hand, they are sensitive to stakeholders who deal with the waste.

If you are keen on working with the ground realities and meet awesome people then definitely volunteer at one of their events." 



"I came across Skrap while I was looking for solutions for waste management at a personal level and was delighted to find so many eco-friendly lifestyle options.  

I volunteered for their zero waste initiative at Mahindra Blues and then for a shore clean up drive at Bay View Marina, which were a great learning experience. I was amazed at the impact of awareness, segregation and proper handling of waste. Skrap has a well-planned and organised approach for waste management, making things that seem impossible possible. And most importantly, everybody here works from their heart, for a cause very dear to them."