We are looking for individuals who care deeply about making our cities more sustainable and are eager to learn about waste management.


Skrap is a waste management social enterprise that helps offices and events manage their waste in a sustainable manner. We focus on reducing waste and diverting as much as possible for reusing, recycling or composting, so that a minimal amount of garbage is sent to the landfills. We are a small team that is highly driven and committed to the goal of helping organisations go zero waste.

Key requirements

Passionate about the environment and social innovation, hard working & commited.
And if you follow a zero waste lifestyle or compost at home, you get a big up !

Profiles WANTED

→ Social Media & Communication
→ Graphic design
→ Photography

Incase you have different skill sets and think you’ll be a great fit for Skrap, write to us anyway.
We'll figure if we can build a project of common interest.

Location : Mumbai
Time period : 2 months minimum

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Former interns testimonials

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" I undertook a 3 month internship with Skrap. As a first step into the waste management sector, interning at Skrap has been a great experience and allowed me to gain a valuable insight and understanding into how a social start-up works in India.

The team is relatively small, so I immediately was treated as an important staff member and was trusted with various responsibilities. The work I tackled was very varied; I really enjoyed the mix between the planing at the office followed by the field implementation.

The other things that I have valued most about my internship include, the nice and supportive working environment and the team’s work ethic to providing an excellent service and making a difference in the sector."

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" Interning at Skrap was a thrilling and valuable experience ! 

I joined the team for 3 months as part of a Belgian immersion program. I was quickly trusted as member of the team and my co-workers were extremely cooperative. I was responsible for communication tasks such as website development, content creation, community management and I’ve also been involved into on-ground implementations of waste management solutions. 

This experience was a great opportunity to learn a lot about waste management which I highly value on both a professional and personal level. Indeed, the internship allowed me to explore, experience and fully adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a smart, fun and welcoming team to give you a real insight into sustainable waste management, you just found it !"