Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune, 2017

We closed 2017 with our biggest project yet, Bacardi NH7 Weekender music festival in Pune. We managed over 10 tonnes of trash and are excited to share that 85% of this was diverted from the dumping grounds!🤘 Where did this go, you ask? To recycling plants, biogas plants, composting units, polyfuel plants and for reuse!

The highlights include salvaging 1500kgs of flex banners by donating these for reuse as roofing material or sending it to #RudraEnvironmental for processing into polyfuel. We also implemented a food salvage program where 350kgs of leftover food was distributed to labourers, homeless folks and in slums. 🍔🥗

Food vendors used compostable plates and cutleries, avoiding disposable plastics completely. And Bacardi bars served paper straws from Pappco that can be recycled or composted. 💚

A big shout out to the incredible Bacardi NH7 Weekender team for being so amazing and for constantly pushing the sustainability bar with each event. It’s such an honour to partner with them on their journey to zero waste. They are leading the way and inspiring events to adopt responsible and sustainable practices. #BeLikeThem #Zerowaste