MiQ, Bengalore

“What is going on with your office trash?  I don’t see much of your trash bags these days.”, the building supervisor was puzzled by the disappearing act that the garbage at the MiQ office was doing.

MiQ is a a global analytics technology company. With over 230 employees, their office has successfully reduced the amount of trash they discard to less than 7kgs each day.  We implemented a comprehensive waste management project at their Bangalore office. And today, the office segregates their waste, composts their biodegradable waste in-house, and sends recyclable waste to local recycling centres ♻️. They’ve also implemented various measures to reduce their waste generation, such as eliminating paper cups, using only reusable serving wares in the cafeteria, and doing away with plastic stirrers. The office also has a food donation program in place, where all excess food is shared with folks who can use an extra meal 🤝.

The office management and employees deeply invested in making their office more sustainable, and has worked closely with us on achieving this. The housekeeping team is fully trained and now runs this independently.