SBI Green Marathon, Mumbai, 2018

94% of the waste generated at the event was diverted away from the landfills!

We are so happy to have partnered with a team that's ready to go the extra mile to make their marathon sustainable and green. Thank you State Bank of India Radio Mirchi Youtoocanrun. 💚

The organisers took it to the next level by doing away with disposable plastic bottles and instead placed water dispensers💧across the route. Runners were provided with hot, wholesome and healthy meals 🍛instead of packaged foods, ridding the event of all that plastic packaging 😰 waste. Eating from compostable plates and cutleries 🍽️ made the breakfast even better. And all runners took away a little green something as well. Their kit included a plant 🌱 to take home, and the bibs were made from recycled paper with seeds in it. How awesome is that! 😎

Mahindra Blues Festival, Mumbai, 2018

We are so thrilled to have worked with Mahindra Blues to help them go green! Of the 2,678 kgs of waste generated, 90% was recycled, composted, reused or donated. 🌏💚

The festival took some incredible steps towards sustainability and reduced their use of disposable plastics. They did away with plastic bottled water and set up free water stations across the venue 😎. They also went straw-free, coz well straws suck. And the food vendors used compostable plates and donated any leftovers to the homeless. 🤗, Mumbai

We’re so thrilled to have implemented waste management at the Mumbai office of, a curated lifestyle platform that gives people access to a handpicked selection of events and experiences. You know the office takes its sustainability efforts seriously when their townhall questions include “When are we going zero waste?”.

An office of more than 50 people, they discard less than 1.2 kgs of waste daily. Folks at the office segregate their waste into 3 separate bins for Food waste, Recyclable waste and Landfill waste. This allows the office to manage this waste effectively. The office has an in-house composter to manage it’s biodegradable waste (like fruit peels, food scraps, coffee grounds and tea leaves). The office sends its recyclable waste to an NGO for turning these into new products.

The office uses only reusable plates and cutleries (including handmade, lead-free, ceramic plates and mugs 💚). Paper cups have exited the scene and everyone at the office uses reusable water bottles and ceramic mugs.

They have also significantly reduced their water consumption by using waterless urinals and water-saving taps; this saves thousands of litres of water each month 💧🌏

Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune, 2017

We closed 2017 with our biggest project yet, Bacardi NH7 Weekender music festival in Pune. We managed over 10 tonnes of trash and are excited to share that 85% of this was diverted from the dumping grounds!🤘 Where did this go, you ask? To recycling plants, biogas plants, composting units, polyfuel plants and for reuse!

The highlights include salvaging 1500kgs of flex banners by donating these for reuse as roofing material or sending it to #RudraEnvironmental for processing into polyfuel. We also implemented a food salvage program where 350kgs of leftover food was distributed to labourers, homeless folks and in slums. 🍔🥗

Food vendors used compostable plates and cutleries, avoiding disposable plastics completely. And Bacardi bars served paper straws from Pappco that can be recycled or composted. 💚

A big shout out to the incredible Bacardi NH7 Weekender team for being so amazing and for constantly pushing the sustainability bar with each event. It’s such an honour to partner with them on their journey to zero waste. They are leading the way and inspiring events to adopt responsible and sustainable practices. #BeLikeThem #Zerowaste

MiQ, Bengalore

“What is going on with your office trash?  I don’t see much of your trash bags these days.”, the building supervisor was puzzled by the disappearing act that the garbage at the MiQ office was doing.

MiQ is a a global analytics technology company. With over 230 employees, their office has successfully reduced the amount of trash they discard to less than 7kgs each day.  We implemented a comprehensive waste management project at their Bangalore office. And today, the office segregates their waste, composts their biodegradable waste in-house, and sends recyclable waste to local recycling centres ♻️. They’ve also implemented various measures to reduce their waste generation, such as eliminating paper cups, using only reusable serving wares in the cafeteria, and doing away with plastic stirrers. The office also has a food donation program in place, where all excess food is shared with folks who can use an extra meal 🤝.

The office management and employees deeply invested in making their office more sustainable, and has worked closely with us on achieving this. The housekeeping team is fully trained and now runs this independently.

Mahindra Kabira Festival, Varanasi, 2017

Throwback to the stunning Mahindra Kabira music festival, held at the mystical ghats of Varanasi. A celebration of music, culture and poet Kabir. The festival is a huge hit in Varanasi and the ghats were teeming with music lovers, what a sight! We managed the waste at the 3-day festival and enjoyed some incredible music at the sights. With thousands of people attending the events, the festival diverted over 85% of its waste. This was reused, recycled and sent to biogas plants ✅😍 Such a pleasure working with the Mahindra group and Teamwork Arts on this project!

Nariyal Paani, Alibaug 2017

The quaint, beach-side music festival in Alibaug generated 365kgs of waste, of which 73% was recycled or composted. The organisers banned plastics and flex material from the venue, set up free water stations, and mandated the use of compostable plates and cutleries. Separate bins were set up for Food Waste and Recyclable Waste, with clear signage and reusable bin liners. Food waste was sent for composting to an organic farm and recyclable material was sent to recycling facilities.